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Hope Restrained by M.S. Willis ~ Review!

Her name is Hope Delacroix, and when she entered the walls of The Estate stronghold, she wasn't going in as a slave...

She was going in as a warrior.

Title: Hope Restrained
Author: M.S. Willis
Genre: Dark/Adult/Contemporary Romance
Release Date: January 30, 2014

My Review: 

First, let me start off by saying that I am a huge fan of this series and M.S. Willis. I've had the pleasure of reading the previous two books in the series, Joseph Fallen and Madeleine, Abducted, and loved them both. So naturally, when I was given the opportunity to review an ARC of Hope Restrained I was like, YES!

I may have even celebrated a little...

I mean, lets, face it. This series is great! I was especially excited for this book because Xander has been my favorite character since the beginning and this book is all about him.

Ok so first things first. You're first impression of a book is it's cover and this book gives an excellent first impression. The color scheme and mysterious hottie make it almost impossible to turn away.

 If a cover is the first impression, then surely the synopsis is the second , check out the synopsis for Hope Restrained...

She was meant to be his assassin
A forced player in a rivalry within The Estate
Yet her loyalty was to no person but herself
When Hope is taken captive by Xander Black
She becomes the one thing that can ensure Aaron’s reign

Raised within a rival crime network, Hope Delacroix wanted nothing to do with The Estate. A fierce warrior, Hope is given no choice but to kill Aaron Carmichael. Caught in her attempt, Hope is captured by Aaron’s top guard in an effort to discover who sent her.

Ever loyal and protective, Xander Black’s sole objective is to defend Aaron and Maddy. Willing to do whatever is necessary, Xander gives in to darkness in order to force information out of Hope.

As Xander enslaves Hope to break her down completely, he learns that in the two years since Joseph Carmichael’s death, dissension still exists within The Estate.

“I find it ironic that your name is Hope…especially considering that you have none.” ~ Xander Black

... I know, right!

 Then I read the prologue. If you've ever read an M.S. Willis book then you already know that she is the queen of prologues and Hope Restrained is no exception. There is no way you can read one of her prologues and not want to read the rest of the book. It's impossible.

This was my reaction...

And guess what? This book was so crazy good! After reading the first two, I wasn't sure what to expect from Hope Restrained. I certainly didn't expect what I got. While I would agree that Hope Restrained isn't as dark as the first two in the series, it is every bit as good of a book. Maybe even better. The dynamic duo that is Xander and Hope kept me reading long after my bedtime.

 Xander is one of my favorite characters from this series and it was so great to get to read more of him. His attraction to Hope is pretty instantaneous but can you blame the guy? 
"He stepped back, completely knocked off balance by the seeping desire within his mind and body. She was his enemy, a woman who'd attempted to kill the only people he cared about - but, she was unlike any woman he'd ever come across. His curiosity was peaked and his pants tightened despite his hatred towards her.
And Hope......
She's one badass bitch!

"Unchain me and fight me for it. You win - I tell you what you want to know before you kill me. I win - I kill you."

No matter how much Xander tried to resist her, he just couldn't.

"Hope was like a wild animal, one so majestic and rare, that to possess her was a testament to the owner's power."

However, the feeling was not mutual.

"I cannot fucking wait to rip your smug head from your body."

Ok, enough quotes. Let me tell you about the story.

Hope Delacroix was raised in a rival crime network. When her twin sister, Honor, goes missing, she makes it her mission to find her. No matter the cost. Honor is everything good in the world to Hope. She is light, and love, and innocence where Hope is nothing but dark. 
Hope is approached by a man from the Estate who makes her a deal she can't refuse. But one that gets her swept up in a nightmare that she cannot escape from. It's worse than a nightmare. It's pure hell. 
This book can be summed up from this quote I found at 70%

"It was repulsive and addicting at the same time"

I know I said that this book wasn't as dark as the first two in the series but trust me, it is still plenty dark. Some pretty horrific shit goes down here.

Then, at around 75%, the unexpected happened. M.S. Willis ripped my heart out. Ok, so I sort of expected it, but still ..... I sobbed. Seriously, it got ugly.

In the end I was left a little confused. I'm still not sure if I know who all the bad guys were. Which makes me very excited for the next book.

Hope Restrained is a must read for all fans of Xander Black and The Estate. This series just keeps getting better! If you're debating whether to read this book or not, READ IT because M.S. Willis nailed it!

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