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Love Me Not by Reese Ryan ~ Excerpt!

Title: Love Me Not

Author: Reese Ryan

Release Date: December 30, 2013

 Genre: Contemporary Romance

Tour: Irresistible Reads Book Tours 

Book Description:
Abandoned by a mother who chose drugs over her, Jamie Charles barely got out of her own addiction alive. Now, she pours her pain into her art while pouring drinks at a local bar. To Jamie, love is a four-letter word—until she meets Miles, a charming ad exec with piercing blue eyes who makes no secret about his desire for her.

Miles Copeland has family demons of his own, but his unhappy upbringing drove him toward hard work and success. He's determined to win Jamie over, and when he finally does, it's worth every moment he spent waiting. But when he confesses that he's falling for her, she panics. Sex is one thing, but love requires more than she can give.

Jamie can't deny her feelings, but she's haunted by her past. Miles knows his heart, but Jamie's lingering doubts have him questioning their future. It might take the threat of losing him forever for her to realize that refusing to let love in is the worst mistake of all.

Book Excerpt

Excerpt of Love Me Not (Bad Boys Gone Good 2):

Jamie took a deep breath and sauntered out of the door. Stand on your mark. Take your
cue "Everything ok?" she asked as she tidied the bar.
"Yes, but I was thinking, maybe I will take that dessert for later. I might get hungry back
at the hotel while I'm watching TV."
"Another Homeland marathon tonight?"
"No, tonight I'm watching...okay, you have to promise not to judge."
"Why, is tonight the porn marathon?"
"No. I mean, I appreciate a beautiful woman as much as the next guy, but I prefer my
women a little more...genuine."
"Fair enough," she said. "So what are you watching tonight?"
He took a deep breath. "Dancing with the Stars."
Jamie laughed so hard the couple at Lisa's table turned to look at her, and so did Lisa.
"You promised not to judge!" He pointed an accusatory finger at her.
"Actually, I'm pretty sure I didn't," she said. "And for the record, I'm not judging. I'm
just surprised. There has to be something on that fancy hotel cable of yours."
"I'm not watching the show for pleasure. Though if I were, I'm man enough to own up
to it." His smile broadened. "My firm has a client who's interested in some major
television spots. I'm doing a little reconnaissance tonight."
"Sounds dangerous." She leaned in closer, lowering her voice to a husky whisper. "You
gonna be alright over there all by yourself with your creme brulee and Carrie Ann
"A-ha! You do watch the show. Admit it!"
"I do not. I watch Castle on Monday nights and I usually end up catching the end of
Dancing with the Stars." She shrugged. "I remember things. I can't help it."
"Castle, huh? Great show. I watch it, too. In fact, I just happen to be planning this crazy
Castle watch party at my place next week    "
"You're hosting a Castle watch party in your hotel room? Even though it's not the
season opener or the season finale. You're just having a random, let's watch Castle get-
together, huh?"
"I'm a wild and crazy guy. What can I say?"
Jamie wondered if he had a switch that turned up the intensity of those eyes because
dammit if they weren't particularly hypnotic at the moment. She could barely tear her
gaze away from them. "You are indeed."
"I noticed that you don't work on Mondays, and I thought, since you like Castle and I
like Castle...why don't we just watch it together?"
Dammit. He'd done it. He'd ruined everything by asking her out, even if it was about
the lamest date request she'd had since high school. "I don't think that would be a good
"Before you turn me down, it's a pretty sweet deal. I'll supply the food and the drinks
and I'd wait on you. All you'd have to do is just show up."
Jamie watched his face, his eyes full of hope. Normally she had no problem turning
down patrons' romantic offers. But there was something about Miles Copeland that
made it far more difficult. She pressed her lips into a cordial smile. "I'm sorry, Miles, 
"C'mon, Jamie. It'll be fun. I promise." He was adorable, despite the disappointment
lingering behind his eyes. 
Just say it. Tell him why you can't. She opened her mouth, intending to explain Tahlia's 
rule to him, but she clamped her mouth shut, her heart pounding. The words seemed so
final. She'd be officially pronouncing the end of their little game, and she wasn't ready
to do that. "I'm sorry, but I can't. Thank you for the offer, though." She bit her lip and
glanced away. "So, that dessert you wanted. How about the creme brulee? It's my

About The Author:

  Reese Ryan writes sexy, contemporary romance featuring a multicultural cast of flawed, but loveable characters. She secretly enjoys torturing her heroines with family and career drama, reformed bad boys, revealed secrets, and the occasional identity crisis, but always rewards them with supportive girlfriends and a happily ever after.

An avid reader, Reese's to-be-read stack resembles a small skyscraper. She adores brilliant singer/songwriters, and has an incurable addiction to musicals and movie soundtracks. She is a lifelong Midwesterner currently residing in Central North Carolina with her husband and young adult son who tolerate her propensity to sing and dance badly.

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