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The Illusions of Eventide (The House of Crimson and Clover #3) by Sarah M. Cradit ~ REVIEW (Review by Sparkles)

The Illusions of Eventide
The House of Crimson
And Clover #3
By Sarah M. Cradit


 Nicolas Deschanel was betrayed by the only two people who matter to him. Their disloyalty stung and an overwhelming sense of loss lingers. Nicolas has lived the high life professing to not have a care in the world, and now this illusion is calling his bluff.

Determined to take control of an existence now devoid of purpose, he sojourns to his family's holiday home on the Gulf of Mexico. Resolved more than depressed, he plans to privately say goodbye to a world which no longer needs him. Of questionable fortune, he finds a woman, Mercy, sitting alone on the shore at eventide. Nicolas is conflicted between an obligation to help, and annoyance at her intrusion.

Mercy has many layers of secrets. Deepest of all, she cannot tell this Child of Man she is thousands of years old and very powerful. In her presence, Nicolas’ own dormant powers begin to surface, triggering a sequence of events that cause both of their lives to spiral further out of control. When old friends from both sides come to help, together they all learn a painful truth: new life can only begin once you’ve set free what means the most.


  ** I received a free ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review **

This book was beautifully written. Sarah M. Cradit's writing style is flawless hooking the reader every bit as much as the story itself.

I feel like I must admit first off that I have not read the rest of this series except for the novella Beyond Dusk. But after reading this book, I want to. Sarah M. Cradit has introduced me to a whole new world full of magic and mystery and awesome characters.

The Deschanel family is not your typical family. This family tree is full of men and women with amazing super natural abilities. Some have the ability to heal. some can read minds. Others can even move things with their minds and control plant life. Nick Deschanel's abilities so far in life have been limited to charming the ladies and witty come backs. That is, until he meets Mercy.

Feeling utterly betrayed by the two people he cares most about, Nick takes a trip to the secluded Deschanel Island with plans to put himself out of his misery. What he does not plan on is finding a strange woman washed up on the shore of his beach. What he further doesn't plan on is giving a damn about what happens to her.

When you read this book it is impossible not to become invested in these characters and what happens to them. I absolutely loved Nick and his snark. He puts on a hard front but whats underneath is definitely worth working for. His sarcasm and humor kept me interested and entertained throughout the story. And not just him. All of the characters were extremely well written and important. There is no denying the amazing imagination and dedication that it would require to write a book like The Illusions of Eventide.

Sarah M. Cradit is an amazing storyteller. I got more than I ever bargained for when I started this book. I fully intend to start the rest of the series now. I highly recommend this book to any fans of this series or just fans of fantastic writing. But if you're like me and haven't read the rest of the series yet, do yourself a favor and start at the beginning.


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