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Across The Ocean by Heather Sosbee ~ *BOOK EXCERPT* ~

Title: Across The Ocean

 Author: Heather Sosbee

  Release date: December 1st, 2013

  Genre: Steamy Contemporary Romance

  Tour: Irresistible Reads Book Tours 

Book Description:
Brooke has spent the last four years dreaming of visiting Iceland. When everything in her life seems to fall apart, she takes it as a sign that now is the time to go. She heads to the land where the sun doesn’t set, the mountains are fierce, and the hot pools are divine.
Ari is the handsome Viking that Brooke has fallen for over the years through the internet. Now that she finally gets to meet him in person, she’s unprepared for how steamy things are between them. Only Ari isn’t available. He’s involved with a woman whose jealousy brings nothing but torment between Brooke and Ari. Will Ari choose Brooke? Or will she be forced to leave all of her dreams behind?

This book is for mature audiences only, due to sexual content, language, and difficult scenarios.


When my eyes met Brooke's for the first time, everything changed. Pieces inside of me moved around and left me a different person. I'm not really sure who that person is right now and I'm really confused. Do I dare to risk losing everything I have here? She's just going to leave anyway right?

Hearing footsteps heading in my direction, I glance up and see Gunnar coming toward me. I give him a nod and stop pacing. 

"Are you alright, man?" I can see concern in his eyes. He must have seen Brooke head back inside. 

"If you were me, Gunnar, what would you do? I feel like I'm living someone else's life." I look out toward where the sun is partially dipping into the ocean. The mountains frame the fjord until they part to reveal the open ocean that seems to never end. The beauty and familiarity of the view calms me down a bit. It always reminds me that I'm just one person in a very big world. 

"I'd do what's necessary to be happy. If Brooke leaves, how will you feel after? Will you regret it for the rest of your life?" Gunnar takes a hand and sweeps it over his goatee, obviously in deep thought. 

"Will you be on your deathbed thinking to yourself that if you could've changed one thing in your life, it would've been to never let Brooke go?" He chuckles at himself a little. "Obviously, that's a bit dramatic, but I think you know what I mean."

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