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What Tomorrow Brings Blog Tour & Excerpt

Title: What Tomorrow Brings

Author: Cyndi Raye

Release date: August 18th, 2013

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Tour: Irresistible Reads Book Tours

Book Description:

Maggie McCoy, bestselling author of romance, went to the Florida Keys for a much needed getaway to break the writer's block that was threatening her success. Her plans to be alone died the moment she met Jake Hatfield. He wound up to be too much of a distraction for serious minded Maggie.

She had never let her hair down before, but when she finally decides to, it leads her on a motorcycle ride through the land of paradise, an adventure at a full moon party and other trials as well. All she wanted to do was to create a best seller, not live it. There were never any plans to fall for a hot, sexy man in the middle of nowhere.

Book Excerpt

“The lure of the water and scenery tends to do that,” he muttered. He strolled over to where Maggie was lounging in her chair and held out his hand. “I’m Jake Hatfield and you’ve already met Jax.” At the sound of his name, the pup wandered over and sat by his owner. “You must be Maggie McCoy.”
“Are you serious?” she uttered, her shoulders beginning to shake. “You’re a Hatfield and I’m a McCoy?” she stretched out her hand, laughing in delight.
Jake laughed too, a rich, deep sound that made him seem way too sexy and she was sure he knew it. “My company rep did comment on that,” he replied. “It didn’t seem so funny then.” He bent down beside the lounge chair, his eyes level to hers now, her hand still in his. “I understand you want privacy to work and you have no worries here. This is one place where you will have it, except for Jax there.”
Maggie squirmed in her seat. “I was under the impression that I was going to be alone,” she told him. She looked down at her hand and realized he had encased it into both of his now, holding on to her a bit longer than usual. She nodded to their hands and shook herself loose from his grip, then cocked her head and stared at him. “Was that appropriate?”
Jake shrugged, then smiled. “Sorry, it was not.” He didn’t look one bit sorry.
She grinned. “No, it wasn’t,” she murmured without conviction. He was hitting on her. She shook herself, there was no time for this. She needed to write immediately if she wanted to stay on top of her game.
Maggie swallowed. “Look Jake, I’m here to work. I just can’t be distracted. I appreciate you making eyes at me, it sure makes a girl feel good, but I really have to concentrate on my work.”
He chuckled. “OK, I won’t make eyes at you.” Yet those smoky grays bore into hers and she couldn’t look away. She never was good at this instant attraction stuff, it made her want to run for her life. “Just what is so significant that you can’t even talk to someone?” he asked.
She sighed. “I’m a writer. I have a deadline and I need to get my next novel finished.” Maggie never told anyone that she was a bestselling novelist. She used a pseudonym and was able to go anywhere she pleased without being noticed. It may have been nice to have the recognition of her face everywhere but this way was much better. She liked her privacy.
Jake rubbed the stubble on his chin with a thumb and forefinger. He nodded and stood. “Well then Maggie McCoy, this Hatfield is high-tailing it outta here to give you some privacy before a modern day feud gets started!”
Jake strolled to the water’s edge where his power boat was tied to the dock. Jax followed and leaped onto the boat after his master. Starting the motor, he turned to Maggie, his stare penetrating into her own, the boat and Jake rocking gently back and forth. It was very seductive from Maggie’s point of view.
He really was very distracting and she was suddenly very hot. She jumped up out of her lounger, forgetting about the computer on her lap. Realizing it was going to hit the ground if she didn’t do something, she bent forward and grabbed the laptop with both hands, realizing too late that the strings on her bikini top were untied.
Maggie knew the moment the girls fell from grace. She stared in shock as Hatfield’s eyes widened and his mouth opened slightly. It was as if they both froze and time stood still. She watched tanned muscular hands grip the wheel.
Maggie swore and covered herself. She had to save face. “It’s not like you never seen anything like this before! We’re in the Florida Keys!” With that, she gathered what was left of her pride and marched into the bungalow, slamming the screen door behind her.




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