Sunday, November 24, 2013

Review of The Billionaire Bad Boys of Romance (Boxed Set) (Review by Night Owl)

I was given an ARC copy of this box set in return for a review. So much to be said about this great set. It's everything you want in a romance set, filled with beautiful rich daring men, their equally beautiful and sassy partners, adventure, kink, unpredictable circumstances, humor, and a whole lot of love. Although all of the stories carry a similar theme, each and every story is unique in it's own way, but I do believe my favorite in the set is the very first one, which is also the longest. It was not only a very steamy read but it literally had me laughing out loud in certain places. I would recommend to romance lovers who aren't afraid of a steamy bedroom scene now and again. The only qualm I had with this box set was that some of the characters in the stories either didn't develop enough for me, or they were simply too out there. Over all a great read!

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