Thursday, September 19, 2013

Review for Sebastian Falls by Celeste Holloway (Review by Sparkles)

Sebastian Falls 
By Celeste Holloway



 She's the reason the devil never sleeps.

A year after her parents’ death, seventeen-year-old, Meadow Parker is close to having a grave of her own.

Beyond her shrink’s false diagnosis of PTSD, there’s no medical reason for her failing health. Only she knows the cause. But if Meadow told the truth—told them what comes for her at night—they’d lock her in a padded cell.

Seeking an end to her torment, Meadow agrees to visit the supernatural landmark her parents were obsessed with—the river that fuels her fears. On arrival, she's charged with an ancient power, and her destiny as the long awaited Keeper is sealed. Now the countdown to save the world and the battle for her soul begins.

My Review:
5 Star Rating!!

 *I received a free e copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*

I loved this book. From beginning to end. An epic battle of good vs evil with one confused teen thrown in the middle. Meadow Parker is a snarky, sarcastic 17 year old girl. One year ago she lost both of her parents and she now lives with her grandparents. Meadow used to be a regular, healthy, neat freak teen but her health is steadily decreasing. She wakes up each morning with new cuts and bruises, her hair is falling out, and she can't tell anyone why. They would never believe her. What Meadow doesn't know is that her world is not at all what it appears to be. In an effort to cure Meadow, her super, hot super protective best friend Casey Somner takes her to the one place in the world she fears. While there Meadow experiences the supernatural and her life will never be the same. With Casey and equally hot Banter, Meadow embarks on saving the world. A feat she does not necessarily accept readily. I do not want to give the story away but I do want to say that I love where this story went. Meadow absolutely ends up with the right guy, in my opinion. I wouldn't have wanted this story to end any other way. I am in awe of the imagination it took to write this book. I was taken for a ride that I did not want to get off of. The author has an amazing way of making it possible for you to see everything that she is describing. The only disappointing part of this book was having it end. If I could have given it more stars, I definitely would have.

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